About the Book

Kristi tells a compelling story of a devastating chapter in her life which leaves her with nothing but herself. And she discovers that she is all she needed. A story of courage, healing, and self-compassion. It is priceless.

—John P. Schuster, author of Answering Your Call, and The Power of Your Past

When accomplished divorce attorney Kristi Skordahl unexpectedly finds herself facing her own divorce, she feels lost. All of her legal knowledge and experience seem entirely irrelevant to the pain she is experiencing. She struggles through the process, making choices both good and bad (“If anyone should have known better, it was me”). Yet, while life as she knows it crumbles around her, and at the least-expected time and place, she feels true happiness for the first time in many years. As she rebuilds her life, she finds that her own experience with divorce has transformed the way she practices law—no longer simply serving as a legal technician, she now is also a fellow traveler with her clients on the road to healing. Skordahl seamlessly blends her own story of loss and self-recovery with practical, real-world advice on managing both the emotional and financial challenges of divorce. Ultimately a book about hope, And Then She Was Happy is an essential guide for anyone seeking happiness on the other side of life’s most challenging transitions.

I have always maintained that working on oneself is not for sissies. Not everyone chooses to take the next step into healing. Kristi made that choice and is now a prime example of the vastness of the human spirit. This book is important and is proof that wisdom and peace of mind awaits those who choose to heal.

—Wyatt Webb, Director of Equine Services at Miraval Resorts, and author of It’s Not About the Horse and What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do (Five Steps To Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt)

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8 thoughts on “About the Book”

  1. Interesting that she writes on this divorce.. What about her divorce to the man that came before ”Mel”

  2. Hi Kristi, I just read about your book in the Grand Forks Herald. I am going through the same issues here as my husband and I separated in November and will be pursuing a divorce. Any and all help I can get would mean so much. I haven’t been happy for many years and since our separation I have found that there is happiness out there for me. My self-esteem has been torn down for so many years that I am finding it hard to find that again. I hope to find where I can get your book because I could really use the help right now.

  3. Susan Irek said:

    18 days away from my court date for final divorce hearing, on the way to pre sign to sell what had long been “our dream home” I turn around to pop into a bookstore in Stillwater, MN and when asked if I needed help finding something in particular I stated a book about going through a divorce I’m not much happy about, but that will tell me it will be ok. The look exchanged between the two ladies I will never forget. I am glad I followed advice from someone who suggested getting a few books, and glad to be reading yours first. I am at the Miraval chapter. Time to start planning to experience the world next year!

  4. I loved your book, couldn’t put it down! Very similar to my divorce that I recently went through. It is inspiring to read this book and know that I’m on a similar journey. 🙂

  5. Thanks for your kind comments. I am gratified that you found my book helpful. I wish all of you the very best.

  6. John Mazzitelli said:

    Dear Kristi,
    As a lawyer who also went through a Mn divorce, I believe a lot of pain could be avoided if Mn courts would enforce pre- marital agreements.

  7. Hi Kristi,

    A coworker of mine, and “relative-in-law” of yours loaned me her a copy of your book and I want to say congratulations and thank you for writing it! It has been close to a year and a half since my wife and I separated. We’ve mediated, collaborated, and now are litigating. Will this end? Am I on track with my thinking? Am I not trusting?

    In the “work” you have done rebuilding, have you encountered the nine personality types of the Enneagram? Would you be open to an intimate exchange of “self” by way of a scrumptious lunch or dinner at the Lex (no martinis unless it’s dinner)? It would be my pleasure and an honor to meet you.

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